Our Campaigns

Our campaigns are crafted to bestow a fresh perspective on our culture and traditions. We are deeply rooted in our culture, but we will take any opportunity to redefine it. Our core notion is telling our society's unspoken stories. We believe that a woman is not only a symbol of beauty, but also a true epitome of energy and harmony. We captured it perfectly in our campaigns.


I know peace, I am whole, I am abundant. Spirituality guides me on the path of life and I glow in the light of this enlightenment. I AM SHANTI.


Above all weaves express emotions. Each piece that emerges out of a weaver's hands is a dance divine. A coming together of every emotion that encapsulates life. Navrasa Series celebrates this ethereal realm where the heart links to the hand and the eyes express. What emerges thereafter are master pieces for tasteful people to possess.

Vasan Than

Ghalib called it the Kaba-e-Hindustan, saying that the air of Banaras was so energetic that it could even breathe life into the dead. It is not just the tiny streets, majestic minarets, bustling ghats and the ever flowing Ganga that makes Banaras a fabled city. It is its people and their unconventional career choices, maverick sports and crazy obsessions that make Banaras a unique realm in this world.

Shanti Yajna

When weaves are your lives raison d'etre, they somehow permeate through each of your special moments, both personal and professional. The warp and weft of existence find an expression through these weaves; a statuesque Jangla Weave, a Resplendent Kairi or Suraj Motif that interplay with the lyrical straight l


Shanti Banaras presents Akathya, a story of inexplicable beauty that emanates from deep within the soul. This Women’s & Anti-Discrimination Day, we visit the lives of eight transgender people, empowered despite live's trials and a phoenix before its tribulations. A call to action campaign where we salute the power that is the transgender.


Asavari: As a befitting ode to the monsoon winds, we launch a series of suits that are classic and festive. Hand pick this solid red silk suit with organza dupatta from our ‘Asavari’ collection.