Shanti , the brand is motivated by our late grandmother who possessed an exquisite taste in saris and it was her fondness in saris that has been an inspiration for the brand. Shanti has always been a luxury brand wherein we have incorporated and extended our collection to match up to the ever evolving retail market. We offer an extended product profile offering over 1000 different products including Banarasi sarees, lehengas and dupattas over various price points under the category of woven, printed and hand embroidered goods. Our freshly opened Delhi store features an elaborate range of Real Zari products along with our signature artworks.

Established in 2014, Shanti, a budding offspring of a 50 year old manufacturing brand. Although created newly, Shanti’s products have been penetrating the retail market all across India for about 4 generations. Hence, the products are very well-recognised amongst the diverse customers.

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