Shringaar Rasa or the celebration of beauty. Be it seen in celestial beings or an art form that celebrates their aura. Shop from our, Shanti Banaras Studio which celebrates the beauty of Pichwai, a tapestry art that captures the almond eyed Lord Krishna with his ethereal gopis lounging in a lush green meadow through a series of shawls, sarees and stoles. Each one a collector's delight. How you regard the six yard drape will change forever. Cause you shouldn’t accommodate the saree, the saree should accommodate you.


I hold the valor of a warrior deep inside my brave heart." To fight to the end. To never give up. In this brave series Devanagri and Egyptian scripts that combines to restore the art of calligraphy in Banaras.


A kind heart is a kindered soul. Karuna rasa or the expression of sentiments. The collection draws inspiration from the Zanjan school of Persian textiles, carefully amalgamating it with the careless and soft satin weave to maintain a flow of the design. The zari and colours of the collection have been administered keeping in mind the regality of the designs and such that the weaves do proper justice to its inheritance. It’s a collection of reversible and spinless weaves that flow and flutter, shimmer and shadow, speak and spoil and yet provide that compassionate touch to exemplify luxury.


Every evil done will meet the wrath of the king and the kindred soul." Presenting a master weaves series that bely the myth that stripes don’t compliment the voluptuous and the short. Shanti Banaras present saris master in bold vertical and horizontal stripes that blend into beautiful, art inspired borders. Crafted for the bold who are ready to meet this brave, new world, eye to eye.


Hasya Rasa. "I Laugh, I love and I live."


Bheebhatsaya Rasa. "What displeases the eye, what hurts the heart, what crosses the threshold of civility fills my being with utmost disgust."


Shaanta Rasa: "In the end there is silence that fills the weary soul with peace."


Oh you mystical and divine life, how you fill me up with the gushing emotion of surprise." A dance without the discipline of periodic steps. A free dance where the movement is decided by the rhythm and mood. Such is a skill of “Uchant.” The weave is not done from a jacquard or follows any strict pattern but woven as seen in an image near the loom. It is woven based on the skill and natural movement of the weaver. The abnormalities and the disruptions are its strongest aesthetics and definition of its rarity. Woven on a pure tissue silk, glimmering and shinning as if made only for the royals. An act of wonderment is this weave.


Bhayanak Rasa: Bhayanak to the sinners, a mother to her devotees. Mata Ni Pachedi is naturally dyed and woven along a tribal art work rendered by hand or hand sculpted wooden blocks . it can best be called, wearable art. Or your sacred sari draped with reverence.