About Us

The ghats of Banaras are known, not just for the many ritualistic tales that have graced the Ganga, but also for a living and thriving weave tradition that dates back many centuries. Many a precious weaves; fabulous embroideries and legendary costumes, crafted in Banaras have inspired the world.


Shanti Banaras, based in Banaras, now brings a textile treasure trunk to your homes. Launching with a spectacular series titled NAVRASA, the label expresses the nine emotions of life, linking them to nine evocative and rare weaves. Founded by YGNS, a third generation group known the world over for its mastery over hand weaves, Shanti Banaras adds a touch of contemporary luxury to weaves. A heritage label, renowned for creating rich and rare, design driven collections, Shanti Banaras is now available online.


Browse through a carefully curated collection of master weaves. Shop from a wide array of saris, Indian ensembles and bridal wear, enhanced further with embellishments and embroidery. Shop for your trousseau; add to your occasion wear collection. You could also call us to book a bespoke piece. Or custom create your bridal ensemble.


The design cell at Shanti Banaras, under the aesthetic guidance of its founder Amrit Shah revives and restores forgotten techniques. Each piece feels like something your grand mother wore. Except we add a contemporary touch to it, making it fit to your taste and palette.

Bring the cadence of a bygone era alive. Wear a weave, enrich a heritage.