Best Than fabrics in Varanasi

Every mention of fabric and handlooms is incomplete without mentioning benaras and its artisans. It has been home for a huge variety of fabrics and weaves. Due to which it has also attracted numerous designers, and enthusiasts to explore their options. We at shanti have curated an entire range to cater to every need. 

The essence of elegance: fabrics of benaras

Fabric forms the initiation of every story that the handloom creates. Artisans work their way through the immense variety of silks, gorgetts and nets curating them into delicate as well as elegant pieces that capture every eye. They form a base for every occasion, right from weddings rituals to other casual occasions fabrics are all around.

The fabrics range from georgette fabrics, net fabrics,  banarsi silk fabrics  to zari fabrics and handwoven silk fabrics which form the base of all the suits and sarees for most of the celebratory occasions.

Along with this we also have a keen eye for subtle fabric that induce elegance and brings the look together while enhancing the otherwise rich heritage. Along with our suit fabrics, striped silk fabrics, handwoven cotton fabrics, teal silk fabric, tissue silk fabric and our organza fabric. These are equally used for custom made sarees, office wears, formal and informal dinners. 

We are committed to style, variety and vibrance and that’s precisely the reason why we have multiple online options as well. We provide a huge range of suit fabrics online. Fabrics form the essence of any attire and if it happens to be laden with such rich heritage it provides for utmost grace and poise.we at shanti aim to make a companionship of the huge variety of fabrics to all your occasions.