Best Banarasi Sarees In Varanasi

Along with its soulful ghats, Benaras is also home for its traditions and variety of handlooms, silks and various weaves.Weavers from all over the world have been intrigued and have made rigorous efforts to imbibe the same. The range is quite varied; it starts from a simple Benarasi saree to an ultra modern designer saree. Benaras has it all.


Introduction to Banarasi Sarees

We at Shanti Banaras are committed to imbibe the very soul of banarasi sarees. Hence we provide you with an immense range of banarasi silk sarees. We believe there is a saree for every occasion and not just grand celebrations, hence we have silk organza sarees, georgette silk sarees, along with tissue silk sarees for thoses celebratory, festive occasions.

Where as for more subtle get togethers, we provide you with a plethora of khadi benarasi sarees and khadi chiffon sarees. These become a statement of elegance in itself.

Sarees have now become much more than an attire; they speak volumes of history, culture, tradition, folk as well as style, and we are determined to bring the impact that our heritage promises. Along with all this, we have a widest possible range of chandni silk sarees that become your choice for class and comfort.We at shanti believe that artisans and their art are of utmost value, hence we are determined to bring along trend and tradition weaved in a distinguished drape to you.