The Avatars of SHAKTI

Women have been celebrated since the beginning of time. She symbolises strength, grit, bravery, knowledge, beauty , grace and auspiciousness. We at Shanti are ardent admirers of this power, SHAKTI,  and have been our source of motivation. Understanding her strong stance we celebrate her in full swing. We believe that it's not a day that can be dedicated to commemorating the vastness that is represented through shakti but to celebrate her throughout life.



This Navratri we at Shanti pay heed to creating an ecosystem that blossoms with the beauty and power of women. Navratri is an amalgamation of celebrating the navroops (nine forms) of power of SHAKTI enumerated by women all around us. With each day we have a new form that adds power and are reservoirs of sheer brilliance. The way each day holds an exceptional importance gives us learnings to follow, we create a conscious effort towards creating an impact that vocalizes, empowerment, freedom, social ,economical and health status of women.


We at Shanti share a common dream of empowering women all around the globe. Enumerating the power in women all around with our immaculate collection of fabrics and drapes we create a collection that is not only vibrant, but speaks boldly through the colours, material and weaves. On one hand it displays women in its raw form, that symbolizes strength, along with the numerous artisans that put in efforts in creating the masterpiece that speaks volumes of our culture and tradition. 


Owing to our rich heritage we believe that a woman celebrates and forms various avatars during her lifetime, and makes sure that each role is an epitome in itself very similar to the nine forms of Goddess SHAKTI. Hence we celebrate her in all her glory and accept all her flaws. We at Shanti invite you to explore the magic that unleashes in women.